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You can follow all this campaign’s latest developments on One Voice’s Facebook page or by connecting with the hashtag #StopAngoraFrance. You can also comment on our forum on our website:

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One Voice investigators spent several months undercover in French angora rabbit farms. The unedited images of their investigation explicitly demonstrate the rabbits’ suffering, who cry in pain and fear whilst their fur is pulled off, sometimes with the skin too… These rabbits stay inside their cages for several years, only coming out to be tied to a table and bent into painful positions for an excruciating epilation session. #StopAngoraFrance


In certain farms, the rabbit’s fur is removed in front of their fellow rabbits. Being forced to witness the process and hear the screams obviously generates a significant amount of stress…

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A disturbing investigation

A six month investigation

Over the period from February to July 2016, our undercover investigators met the actors in six French farms. They got to know them, obtaining information without raising alarm bells. The operation was lengthy because the rabbits don’t undergo epilation every day. There are also reproductive phases, sex-sorting for the baby rabbits, some of the males are used for meat (they have less fur so some end up in terrines, whilst others are burnt) and also the time between the three yearly epilations. The operation is a source of permanent stress for the rabbits. Naked after the “harvesting”, they risk exposure to thermal shock when put back in their hutches without any real protection from the cold.

The images and comments recorded send a chill down the spine: “Sometimes I spent two hours on a rabbit who tore all over. Sometimes, you say to yourself: he’d be better off if we hit him over the head, that one!” Nonetheless, the investigation was valuable; forming the basis of the legal case to put an end to such practices.

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Read on line

Certain rabbits who develop cancer during their life in the farms are sold to a laboratory for experiments, confesses one farmer.

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Citizen mobilisation

Feuille petition

Sign and share

« To ban angora rabbit farming and the trading of their wool. »
Our petition is on line and available for distribution in (paper format).Join us in our campaign and give it magnitude by speaking out about this in your network. The objective is possible, let’s achieve it together!

Angora out of the cupboard

Pull You’ve seen our report? Is your angora jumper starting to itch? One Voice is pressing all citizens to stop buying products produced with suffering. And don’t wear them anymore! Our association is also offering to collect all angora wool clothing (jumpers, cardigans, hats, gloves…), which you can get out of your family cupboards and give to animal refuges, particularly cat refuges, where their comfort will be very much appreciated. One Voice’s address is at the bottom of this page. We would like to thank you on their behalf… Get packing..!

Media action / Immediate action

With this dedicated page, One Voice is launching a campaign directed at national media and social networks. The campaign will be transmitted by our foreign partners, notably the Free Fur Alliance, who we are supporting in France with their project to abolish fur farms Ffa (minks, rabbits) and to promote cruelty-free fashion with the international programme Fur Free Retailer. All media intervention will be communicated in our news feeds, stay connected…

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Getting the authorities involved

The shame / The complaint

One Voice decided to file a complaint for acts of cruelty towards animals and for various violations of provisions of the rural code. A complaint has been filed against the largest French breeder, in the Loire-Atlantique region.
We are even more determined as this breeder has admitted to secretly reselling cancerous rabbits to a specialised laboratory (for the price of rabbit meat). This is a second life of suffering for these rabbits, a vile logic of making a profit by any means. The biggest French angora breeder will have to come forward and explain in front of the justice system his conception of animal well-being.

We have 600 rabbits to save!

The breeder against who One Voice have filed a complaint has approximately 600 rabbits. We must fight for them!


Death industry / eject this industry

One Voice intends to follow this through to the end, meaning obtaining national legislation outlawing angora rabbit rearing on France’s soil, and if possible, banning the product in France. We won the case against the circulation of cat and dog fur in the EU. The fight for the angora rabbits will be just as hard, with lots of legal procedures and, if necessary, meetings with public authorities in order to suggest solutions for reconversion within this industry.
One Voice needs your support in this process. Help support us with your donations.

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« To ban angora rabbit farming
and the trading of their wool. »

« We, the undersigned, consider:

  • that the regulations in application concerning the slaughter of these animals are not respected: certain rabbits are killed by receiving a strike behind their head or by throwing them on the floor, particularly during sex-sorting;
  • that the conditions in which the rabbits are held do not ensure their well-being: the use of Lagodendron, which is supposed to increase hair shedding involves a forced fasting of 2 days without the guarantee of a result; the rabbits are isolated in cages with no outdoor access and no enrichment to their lives; no real measures are taken to protect them from the cold after epilation;
  • that the epilation involves immobilising the rabbits in ill-adapted positions and a process that provokes pain and fear which is demonstrated by the cries and urinating of the rabbits;
  • hat consecutive injuries from epilation are not treated.

We ask the Minister of Agriculture to ban the rearing of angora rabbits. The living conditions don’t respect the standards of animal well-being and the epilation as it is carried out consists of a proven act of cruelty. The sale and purchase of products using angora rabbit fur should also be banned. »

Our objective :
100 000 signatures


signatures obtained

Sign the petition


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Founded by Muriel Arnal in 1995, One Voice fights to defend animal and planetary values. It fights for animal rights, for the recognition of the intrinsic value of every sentient individual, for a legal status for the animal person, and for the recognition of the “link” between animal maltreatment and human violence.

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